Say “Hell No!” to RadFem hate in Toronto: Stand with trans women, 2-spirit people and sex workers!

From July 5-7 the Beaver Hall Gallery at 29 McCaul Street is hosting a conference called RadFem RiseUp featuring bigoted so-called “radical feminists” who have engaged in hate campaigns against trans women, sex workers and 2-Spirit people.

The conference will be hosting participants and presenters such as Rachel Ivey and Lierre Keith, both who espouse extreme hate toward transgender women and sex workers.  The conference will also host radical feminists who have engaged in harassment, bullying, dehumanizing language, stalking, outing transgender teenagers online and blaming us for the violence we experience.

They have also used similar hate tactics against sex workers in order to purposely, viciously, attempt to ruin lives; they repeatedly and publicly deride and denigrate sex-workers. They repeatedly, publicly, misgender trans people and 2-Spirit people and in fact they say we don’t exist; they also say that trans women are merely a perverted out growth of “porn culture.”

They attempt to erase 2-Spirit identities because we exist in a wider culture that has tried to erase Indigenous culture, gender and identity and that enforces colonial ideas about gender and what is the ‘right way’ to be a woman. The Radfem Rise Up conference is part of that colonial legacy, it is part of trying to control us and define us as fake and worthless.

But we know that our lives are valuable. We know that we are beautiful, strong, brilliant and that we have so much to offer to the feminist struggle. So why would an artist-run coop in downtown Toronto host this group?

For us a truly radical feminism rejects colonialization and loves women enough to embrace the fact that we can each make decisions about our own bodies, our own lives and our own sexuality.

And so we are standing up to their hate!  Bring your gorgeousness and glitter and join us in showing the radfems that their trash politics are not welcome in Toronto and call on the Beaver Hall Gallery to immediately pull out of this event.

Please note that Radical Feminists have historically shown a strong interest in provoking confrontation in order to cast themselves as victims.  We will not fall for their tricks, we will be proud, strong and beautiful and we will not allow ourselves to descend to their hate-mongering.

Please join us in protesting at the venue! Meet us Friday, July 5 at 5 PM at Beaver Hall Gallery at 29 McCaul Street.

Further plans for the weekend to be announced shortly.

Here is some more information about some of the people who will be presenting at this conference

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4 Responses to Say “Hell No!” to RadFem hate in Toronto: Stand with trans women, 2-spirit people and sex workers!

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  4. solidarity from unceded coast salish territories! (musqueum, tsleil-waututh & squamish nations respectively)

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