TOMORROW! (click the photo to RSVP on Facebook)


A group of so-called “radical feminists” are in Toronto, hosting a conference where they have completely banned trans women & 2 Spirit people from attending and will be holding discussions that demean these communities as well as sex workers.

They claim to support our dignity and our rights but their speakers have a documented track record of disrespecting and degrading us, engaging in exclusion, bullying and harassment. Their politeness masks disrespect and disregard for the lives of our beloved community members.

We are fighting back by sharing our brilliance with each other! Join us as we spend an afternoon sharing our stories about why trans people (in particular trans women), 2 spirit people and sex workers are so important to our feminisms!

Because this conference demeans our communities and violates the Ontario Human Rights Code, their original venue backed out and they have moved to a new location. We will be hosting our event nearby because we’d like to invite the conference participants to come listen to our stories. (There are only 14 people present at this conference so we invite them all to attend).

Come join us in Healey Willan park at the corner of Ulster and Euclid Street and share your story on the mic or write it out!

We’ll be making a zine from our stories on why feminism *needs* the amazingness of sex workers, 2 spirit people and trans women!!!

Because we can do more than just react to the violence done to us–we can create and grow stronger together.

1 PM

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