Statement on Revolutionary Feminist Storytelling Event and Police Involvement

A group of Toronto activists gathered this Saturday, July 6, for an amazing afternoon of storytelling and crafting to share our stories about why trans women, 2-spirit people and sex workers are so important to our feminism. We brought our kids, blankets, and food to celebrate as we shared manicures, music, banner-making, and crafted paper flowers. This event was an incredible success at healing some of the rifts that radical feminism has wrought in our communities and we feel inspired to do even more to create spaces for respectful, inclusive feminisms as we move forward.

We held the event close to the radical feminist conference so that we could invite them to open their hearts and listen to the moving and beautiful stories being shared. Unfortunately, they instead chose to view our event as some type of threat and called the police. As a result, four armed, uniformed male police officers came to investigate us as we were sharing feminist stories with one another.

While it is difficult to find words to respond to accusations so bizarre and unfounded, once we talked to the police they quickly recognized that our peaceful gathering was of no threat and left within minutes.

More than ever, we are committed to creating spaces for conversation and healing among feminists and to ensure that we respect one another as community members; this includes respecting the identity and autonomy of all trans people, 2-spirit people and sex workers.

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